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Safety Net - Keeping children safe online

Because 90% of what children do online, they do outside school, it is vitally important that parents and carers are involved and upskilled if we are to help keep children safe online. Safety Net is a unique educational programme designed to provide teachers with the tools and confidence to engage children, and then their parents and carers, in a concerted effort to encourage safe online practice in the home.

Safety Net teacher training you will receive:

A Home Office PREVENT approved CPD training day that will equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver engaging lessons on how to keep children safe online to Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils

An excellent teachers resources pack: lesson plans, rationales, delivery options, certificates and many fun activities – saving on hours on preparation time

Delivery options to run hard-hitting and well-structured parental workshops

A class set of Safety Net classroom exercise books to capture the learning and development

A class set of Safety Net parental engagement homework books, the unique toolkit that conveys the messages taught in the classroom, into the homes.

Designed to build digital resilience and open vital communication channels between children, parents and schools, this programme tackles the potential dangers of sharing personal information, sexting, social media, cyberbullying, gaming, grooming, fake news, hate crime and radicalisation.

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    The children’s experience

    BEFORE Safety Net

    • Nearly all were unclear about what was personal information and what was not, and had shared personal information with others online. They were in general ignorant of the dangers posed by the internet, social media, and online gaming.
    • Nearly all had already had negative personal experiences online.
    • Nearly all said that their parents didn’t really check what they were doing online.
    • A huge number of pupils visit websites or play online games that are NOT age-appropriate.

    AFTER Safety Net

    • The process of completing the books and sharing the information at home was enjoyable; they also valued their completion certificates.
    • They now understand what personal information is, and how important it is not to share it online. They now understand what the words ‘cyberbullying’ and ‘sexting’ mean.
    • They now know that not everyone online is who they say they are, and evil people do exist.
    • They now understand the dangers of strangers online, and playing age inappropriate games.
    • They know what ‘grooming’ is, and how online methods can be used to exploit people in relation to child abuse, gangs, and radicalisation.
    • They are now aware that they should always feel able to speak to a trusted adult, without fear of someone getting cross with them, if they feel uncomfortable about something they have encountered.

    Aims Keeping Children Safe Online

    SKIPS Safety Net programme communicates key messages and raises awareness of: • the potential dangers of sharing personal information • social media •sexting• blackmail •cyberbullying• gaming• online grooming• fake news• hate crime• radicalisation• child sexual exploitation


    • We explore the potential risks of sharing too much personal information and who we share it with on social media
    • We look at what sexting is, when it becomes a criminal offence, the damage it can do long term and how it can be used for blackmail.
    • We discuss cyberbullying, trolling and the devasting effects it has on children and what can be done to stop it
    • We look at the games children are playing online, how to get involved, set parental controls and talk about their use
    • We look at how fake news and hacking can be used to trick people into believing lies and making the wrong decisions
    • We raise awareness of the types of methods and tricks people use online to groom for radicalisation, commit hate crimes and sexual exploitation.

    Learning outcomes

    At the ends of the session teachers will have a greater understanding on how they can help to keep children safe online. The SKIPS Safety Net parental engagement books are the toolkits to convey the the learning from the classroom into the home and encourage open discussions between teachers, pupils and parents on:

    • the dangers of sharing too much personal information online and on social media
    • what is sexting, when it is a criminal offence, the long-term risks and blackmailing
    • what is cyberbullying, trolling and how do to stop it
    • the dangers of playing age inappropriate online games, the damaging content and parental safety settings
    • how not to fall victim of fake news and safeguard against hacking
    • understanding and recognising the processes used by online groomers and how to safeguard against radicalisation, hate crime and sexual exploitation

    School testimonial disclosures stimulated by Safety Net

    Apart from the general and intended benefits of this programme, the gaining of disclosures is a significant plus.

    “The internet safety training has given me the confidence to not only teach the children how to be safe, but also to run parent safety workshops…”

    Terri Hall
    St. Clements Academy

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