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Safety Net – how to keep children safe online

CPD Training Sessions

skips safety net workshop

Before the Covid-19 lockdown measures, Safety Net sessions were being delivered in person. So that we can continue to support practitioners under current distancing guidelines, we are now delivering the sessions online by live webinar.

Home Office Prevent accredited CPD sessions accompanied with educational resources to support schools to help keep children safe online, enhance parental engagement and manage professional reputational risk.

Each CPD Session:

  • Includes the latest iteration of Keeping Children Safe in Education and the Prevent duty.
  • Brings together information that helps schools deliver online safety content within their curriculum and embed this within their wider whole
    school approach.
  • Can be arranged to be delivered as part of an inset or twilight.

With Ofsted increasingly focussing on internet safety, and the importance of digital literacy, these sessions provide an ideal way to support the continuing professional development of all staff in this area.

Involve other schools and group together

Share the learning – reach out into the community and invite teachers from other schools to join in with your session.
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CPD – ‘Whole school staff’ assembly webinar

Duration 60 minutes

  • For all school staff and governors, a hard-hitting awareness session to the real and emerging dangers of the internet, managing professional reputational risk when using digital communication and how to keep children safe when they’re using the Internet, social media, gaming, apps and more.
  • Includes fifty Safety Net books and more can be provided for larger audiences at a minimal cost if required.

CPD – ‘Train the trainer’ webinar

Duration 90 minutes

Designed to provide PHSE, DSLs and professional practitioners of Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 pupils with:

  • The tools and confidence to cascade keeping children safe online to their colleagues
  • The tools, confidence and resources to engage children, and then their parents, in a concerted effort to encourage safe online practice in the home.
  • An increased awareness of the unseen dangers and embed the understanding needed to help young people stay safe when they’re using the Internet, social media, gaming, apps and more.
  • The tools, confidence and resources to improve parental attendance of e-safety workshops and deliver engaging session.

skips workshop

The session was delivered very effectively, the content was shocking – a real eye opener. The videos, slides and other resources were excellent.

Blue Coat, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Safety Net book and pages


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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss planning a CPD webinar for your school. We do not have a minimum or maximum audience size and can bespoke the delivery to suit.

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The course was absolutely fantastic. Thoroughly informative and extremely useful. I hope you continue your success to make a difference to even more schools as it’s brilliant!

UCS Hampstead, London