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Road Stars – ModeShift Stars

The Road Stars training equips teachers with the confidence to teach the concept of sustainable and safe transport to their pupils. It specifically relates to the National Modeshift STARS awards and the messages of the wider global issues caused by not making the greener choices of travel. It also gives exciting ideas for ways of teaching the Green Cross Code, how to travel safely when you walk or bike or catch the bus and travel by car.

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The homework books are toolkits to take messages to parents and engage them and sublimely persuade them to change their behavior with this subject and for them to support the learning of their children.


  • Identify ways to engage pupils with local travel and traffic issues.
  • Looks at the pupil’s own behaviour when making travel choices and the safety of pupils and their families when travelling to school.
  • Provide a global context to activities such as monitoring traffic and pollution in the environment local to the school and the pupil’s homes.
  • Help participants to develop or review their School Travel Plan and suggest ways to resolve some road safety issues that may be faced by the school.
  • Provide information and connect participants with travel related schemes available in the area.

Expected Outcomes

  • Have an understanding of the global impacts of the travel choices we all make every day.
  • Be able to reform School Travel Plans and produce a programme of activities for raising awareness of staff and pupils and be confident in encouraging them to engage with greener travel solutions and road safety measures.
  • Be more informed about what initiatives and resources are available within the local area that can enhance sustainable travel plans and actions in school.


  • Highlight the problems currently caused by transport at the global level.
  • Enable discussion around local solutions to global issues.
  • Provide ideas and resources for the development of School Travel Plans in your school.
  • Explain how to get the best from the Road Stars book and toolkits as part of Modeshifts National Award.
  • Introduce the development of lesson planning around the wider sustainability issues.
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