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    Well done! Simply copy your coloured letters from page 5 of your "Dennis to the Rescue" book into the matching coloured boxes below and complete the competition sentence.

    Have you heard the joke about the dustbin?


    To SUBMIT your entry successfully you will need to simply fill in this short survey and then press Enter Competition

    1. Besides your Year 5 child, who else in the home found the book engaging?
    Tick all that apply:
    MumDadBrotherSisterGrandparentOther relationGuardianFriend or Neighbour

    2. Was the content of the book informative and fun?

    3. Since using the book do you find the family is aware of recycling more at home now?

    4. Since using the book do you find the family is recycling more at home now?

    5. Has this book helped your family to understand the importance of why you should all recycle?

    6. Since using the book do you find the family recognise DENNIS dustbin lorries on the road more?

    7. Overall how would you rate this educational book?

    8. Would you like to receive more free books of this type on other subjects?

    9. Is there anything you would change to help improve the book?

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