Clean Air Cops

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Clean Air Cops

The Clean Air Cops training equips teachers with the knowledge and confidence to teach their children why clean air is important. The programme examines the danger of polluted air to our health, to our food supply and to our environment. It looks at the major causes of pollution and what everyone can do to help improve air quality by making greener travel choices.

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The homework books are designed to help parents support the learning of their children in this area. They encourage them to take personal responsibility for how they can help reduce air pollution on a local level by walking more and using the car less.


  • To communicate to children why clean air is important.
  • To explain why polluted air is dangerous.
  • To show what can be done in school, at home and at play to help improve air quality locally.


  • To develop questioning techniques, ideas and critical thinking around air pollution.
  • To raise awareness of the global issues related to air quality.
  • To show the importance of reducing air pollution.
  • To help children think about different methods of transport that can help to reduce pollution.

Expected Outcomes

  • To know why clean air is important.
  • To recognise pollution makers.
  • To be able to make greener choices of travel which help reduce air pollution.
  • To know how to help make the air cleaner locally.
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