A Giant Change

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A Giant Change

The Giant Change training equips teachers with knowledge and confidence to teach their children on the wider global issues surrounding climate change and reasons why we should all be more careful in how we use energy and water and how to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.

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The homework books are toolkits to take messages to parents and engage them with this subject and to persuade them to start saving energy, saving money and throwing away less waste in their homes and so support the learning of their children.


  • Teaches local sustainability with a global context regarding the use of energy, water, waste management and recycling.
  • To change and expand perceptions on climate change and sustainability from the local perspective.
  • Inspire and equip teachers and school leaders to teach this subject in schools.
  • Cascade the learning into the community with parental engagement books and help create behaviour change.


  • Highlight the problem of why we need to protect the Earth’s natural resources.
  • Show why we should be more careful in how we use energy and water and how to reduce our waste.
  • Introduce ideas for the development of recycling and waste management in school and how to embed the subject into the curriculum.
  • Explain how to get the best from the ‘A Giant Change’ book and toolkits.
  • Introduce the development of lesson planning around sustainability themes.

Expected Outcomes

  • To deliver engaging lessons on sustainability in the classroom.
  • To develop a waste policy and action plan for your school.
  • To discuss the importance of local actions regarding sustainability and how these contribute to global solutions.
  • To be more responsible when using water and energy.
  • To reduce what we buy and reduce what we throw away.
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