Skips are proud of our great feedback

Read what parents, teachers and businesses say about our Educational books below:

“I am happy to say that we have “road tested” the books and I’ve received confirmation from the Trust Paediatric Management that we would be delighted and grateful to be able to accept the sponsored books that you kindly arranged for us.

The children really enjoy doing the Challenges and CrossWords and I am sure that they will help them to maintain their studies and keep up with the progress of their school friends, despite the stay in hospital. The donation of Skips education books will be used by both our children’s wards at Sandwell & City Hospital.”

“A really innovative way to engage young learners, striking the right balance between work and play. My daughter takes the books with her everywhere she goes. Suddenly revision is no longer a chore.

I’d recommend this series of books to anyone who wants to encourage their youngsters to increase their out of hours learning. A real opportunity to make progress outside of the classroom.”

“The books have been really well received and my colleague Mini has just told me that her daughter worked through the books and came out of her SATs confident that she had done a good job. Mini said that she had enjoyed working through the books and they were so much more helpful than the other revision books she had bought!”

Victoria Welton
Kid GL Loves

I have never done Crosswords before and me or my Mum haven’t done Crossmaths! Mum showed me how Crosswords work and I really love them! It is great fun and you get a good feeling when you have completed the crossword. It is great to have some of the letters in place because of the words you have already found. I still have lots and lots of crosswords left to do – but that makes me really happy! Also, it is helping my english and I know that this will make my teacher – and my Mum and Dad – really pleased.

Seema Green

A fantastic resource for children and parents alike. Both of my children look forward to the challenge of completing the puzzles whilst learning and having fun at the same time. I took the books in to show the headteacher at my children’s school and she was so impressed that the school placed an order immediately. I have received numerous comments from parents who are thrilled with the idea of being able to help their children but also grasp some of the skills and understanding of how numeracy and literacy is taught in primary schools today. Thank you

Cheryl Pasquier
Madhouse Family Reviews

SKIPS suggest doing about half an hour a day and we’ve got into a routine of doing a page before bed (or at another quiet moment in the day) but the girls are also working their way through all by themselves with no encouragement or help from me. Even better than seeing them have fun while learning is seeing them gain in confidence.

My daughter said to me the other day that she’s “not very good” at maths at school but she can manage to get all the answers right in her CrossMaths book – I pointed out that she’s using exactly the same exercises as at school, just in a different format so she must be good at maths. Her shy little smile showed that the positive message got through and for that alone, I’d definitely suggest buying these books!

Joy Jackson

The books are very good at explaining the problems, and guiding the child along. The books allow for children to work through the book(s) independently. However, they also help parents identify when help is required, and any weak spots in their knowledge to develop.

Marianne Whooley
Maris World

The books are engaging and you can do as little or as much as you like, let your child set the pace and do their own puzzles when they want. If they enjoy it it makes life so much easier and they are learning and practising their new skills all the time too, bingo!

Angela Cheung
Tot100 Blogger

I love it that Skips Crossword and CrossMaths books follows the National Curriculum guidelines, making it easier for us to choose which books are suitable for the kids. The drawings are cute and instructions are clear. My favourite is their last section in each exercise as some of jokes are really amusing!