Information for Parents

Information for Parents

How will SKIPS make a difference in your family?

Our educational workbooks empower parents to understand WHAT their children are learning and HOW they are learning it. Our books rely on the thesis that teaching is at its most effective when school values and teaching messages are supported and reinforced by the parents (carers) at home – families enjoy learning together!

The books open a positive communication with respect to Maths and English subject matters and the children enjoy practicing Maths and English with their parents (carers). Older siblings also enjoy helping younger siblings with the books. Our lessons are delivered in accordance with the national curriculum ensuring that children are engaging in fun yet meaningful activities.

We do not aim to just sell workbooks, we aim to sell books that are used to support our children on a path of life-long learning.

Nurturing a positive attitude to learning


Success motivates, so children need continual encouragement as well as praise for good performance. Parents are in an ideal position to motivate and can help their children learn, even if they only have a modest education themselves.

By sharing, parents cannot only bring their child’s development and activities into family life, but can also influence their young children’s attitudes to learning. It is now generally accepted that most lifelong attitudes are formed by the age of ten.



SKIPS Books:

  • can improve your child’s education levels.
  • can help give you confidence to get involved with your child’s homework.
  • are recommended by educational specialists.
  • encourage sharing with your child and improve attitudes to learning.

A greater emphasis on parental interaction

One of the biggest issues that many parents have is to find time in an already busy daily schedule to sit quietly and focus on homework with their child. It is difficult with the demands of everyday life, especially now that schools are putting more emphasis on parental interaction.

If we are positive about homework our children will enjoy it all the more and thrive on the quality time spent with us. Homework is then seen as fun time rather than work time. Collectively you will enjoy it too and have fond memories of how you developed your child’s knowledge.


SKIPS Learning

We all want the best for our kids and we're on a mission to help improve their education by helping parents and their children share the adventure of learning.

Kids want to spend time with their parents and they want to have fun. For parents, sharing time with their children and doing something together that is fun is equally important.

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Parent support is essential

There are always so many constraints on family’s time and resources but we all want the best for our children. Research shows that parental involvement in a child’s learning is a key indicator of educational success.
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Using SKIPS Books

SKIPS CrossWord Puzzles

The SKIPS CrossWord Puzzles book actively encourages parent-child interaction, which builds your child’s self-esteem and confidence and allows you to learn together and highlight where your child may need more support.

SKIPS CrossMaths Puzzles

SKIPS CrossMaths puzzles are a truly enjoyable way to learn about Maths and helps pupils to develop methods that actually mean something to them, forming a lifelong relationship with numbers. By cracking the colour codes they will have great fun trying to solve the Skips Challenges at the end of each CrossMaths puzzle.
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