CPD Teacher Training

CPD Teacher Training

skips cpd teacher training workshopThe SKIPS Sustainable Schools Programme addresses the importance of teacher training and professional development. Our accredited training session modules create greater subject matter awareness for teachers and how to tackle them onto the curriculum.

Each module equips teachers with:

  • the skills, knowledge and resources to deliver effective engaging lessons back in the classroom.
  • lesson plans, rationales and delivery options saving on hours of preparation time
  • parental engagement books that act as the toolkit to take the key messages taught in the classroom back into the homes to help create behaviour change
  • the confidence to run well-structured parental workshops

Please click on the tabs below to learn more about each training CPD programme we deliver.

Safety Net – Keeping safe online (national)

The Safety Net Training programme equips teachers with the confidence and skills to teach their pupils how to keep safe on line. The training deals with teaching the children the dangers of sharing too much personal information with strangers, sexting, gaming, grooming, fake news and how it leads to radicalisation.

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Road Stars – ModeShift (national)

The Road Stars training equips teachers with the confidence to teach the concept of Sustainable and safe transport to their pupils. It specifically relates to the National Mode shift Stars awards and the messages of the wider global issues caused by not making the greener choices of travel. It also gives exciting ideas of teaching the Green Cross Code, how to travel safe when you walk or bike or catch the bus and travel by car.
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A Giant Change (Birmingham only)

The Giant Change training equips teachers with knowledge and confidence to teach their children on the wider global issues surrounding climate change and reasons why we should all be more careful in how we use energy and water and how to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.
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Clean Air Cops (national)

The Clean Air Cops training equips teachers the knowledge and the confidence to teach their children why clean air is important, the dangers of polluted air to our health, and to our environment and food supply and to recognise what polluters are, what we can do to help reduce air pollution in school, by making greener travel choices, and what we practise in the home and at play.
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