Adopt a School

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Sponsor a school to help keep their children safe online.

One of the biggest risks confronting young children these days comes from using the internet without being able to recognise the dangers.

Skips Safety Net Programme engages and empowers teachers, their pupils, and their parents. Schools that join the programme receive:

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    A CPD seminar for teachers to give them the skills, the confidence and the resources they need.

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    Exercise books to capture the thinking and learning back in the classroom.

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    Certificates which can be awarded to all teachers and pupils involved.

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    Optional Parental engagement workshops.

if you are interested in our Adopt a School Scheme, please get in touch

With schools having shrinking budgets, as we all know, they are not able to afford the cost or the time to prepare the lessons to address this problem, which will help create the necessary behaviours change.

This is why the business community is being called upon to reach out and help us to protect schools, children and families by becoming involved in our ‘Adopt a School’ scheme.