Our Story So Far

Our Story So Far

The development of Skips

From living room to The Times Educational Supplement ‘Resource of the Week’

Homework or play

In 2010, father of three, Ash Sharma from Birmingham, regularly tried to help his daughter with her primary school homework. It wasn’t going well:

‘She was bored, I was bored and we were getting nowhere. I didn’t really want to do homework, so why should I expect her to be any different? I needed to find another way to help her get to grips with Maths and English.’
Ash Sharma


Kids just want to have fun

After unsuccessfully trying a series of traditional educational books, Ash decided to try another way. He started his own research into the subjects his daughter was trying to learn and decided it might be worth attempting to create a game to help his daughter get to grips with the subjects.
Sitting down with his daughter after school, he drew a simple grid with keywords from the Key Stage 2 curriculum. They started to have fun working through two puzzles a day and suddenly Maths and English fell into place.

What a difference a game makes

Steve King, the teacher of Ash’s daughter, noticed the improvement and asked Ash if he would send in some copies of the puzzles for the other children to use, moving SKIPS from the sitting room to the classroom.
“I saw how much the crosswords were helping Ash’s daughter to improve and enjoy her work. I quickly began to use them with other children I was teaching – the books are such a good resource, I just had to spread the word.”
Steve King, Walsall

Waterstones take the plunge

In 2011 Ash collected all of his worksheets and puzzles and decided that there was enough material to make a book.
Steve King, the teacher that first saw the difference that the SKIPS puzzles were making to his class, approached Waterstones with the SKIPS book and suggested that they look to potentially take them into stock. Waterstones were so taken with the story and the book that they immediately stocked the book in local stores.

SKIPS Educational is formed

In 2012 SKIPS Educational was formed with the backing of Birmingham City Council. Ash then discovered that local businesses were keen to buy the books and donate them to local schools in their area and that actively engage schools were also interested to buy books for use in the classroom and at home. Both local businesses and schools have bought tens of thousands of books to help children develop their Maths and English and now Skips has expanded further with the development of an Educational Advisory Panel and the backing of new investors to help bring Skips to new audiences.

Birmingham City Council get on board

Teachers and parents suggested that Ash should write another book. This time he did a new Key Stage 2 book, which was shown to Birmingham City Council in 2012 by a parent. They immediately recognised the power of the books and without delay decided to back the project as a unique way to help local children and parents.

Times Educational Supplement ‘Resource of the Week’

SKIPS inspires people to pass on the benefits to others. Ash’s daughter shared the puzzles with friends, her teacher shared the book with Waterstones and a parent shared the book with the local Council. Within a year the Times Educational Supplement made SKIPS their ‘Resource of the Week’, recommending the books to over 20,000 schools.

SKIPS is backed by a private Family Office.

SKIPS Educational Ltd (SKIPS) is backed by Birmingham City Council and a private Family Office.

SKIPS educational programmes win awards.

SKIPS Educational expands to conduct regional programmes in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Manchester and launches its first Life Skills Book. SKIPS wins awards for these programmes.

SKIPS recycling programme wins award.

SKIPS wins the 2016 Making Birmingham Greener & Healthier Award – Best Waste & Recycling Scheme (Education Establishment Category) for its “Dennis to the Rescue” book.

About Skips

SKIPS is an educational social enterprise based in Birmingham and London.

Our sole purpose is to raise children’s attainment in numeracy, literacy and life skills through educational work books based on the principle of effective parental engagement.

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Our Story So Far

Skips inspires people to pass on the benefits to others. Ash’s daughter shared the puzzles with friends, her teacher shared the book with Waterstones and a parent shared the book with the local Council. Within a year the Times Educational Supplement made Skips their ‘Resource of the Week’, recommending the books to over 20,000 schools.

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Our Team

Read about the talented people we have working for SKIPS.
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Awards and Testimonials

Schools rate the quality of our books and their positive impact on parental engagement. The decisive factor for the schools to order the SKIPS books is the appreciation of their high quality, and their ability to unlock parental support. We are proud of our feedback and delighted to be able to share testimonials about the book.
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A Book for Every Child

Skips books are now being used in primary and secondary schools across the UK, enabling parents to help children by having fun through education. A survey conducted in November 2013 showed 90% of parents given a Skips book used it with their child.
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Social Charter

We are one of the very first organisations to be an accredited Charter signatory of  The Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility. The award reflects our forward thinking and ethos, putting us in a very favourable position  ahead of bidding for new work and providing new services.

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