A Book for Every Child

A Book for Every Child

A brighter future for all

Our vision is to provide a free book for every child in order to make a real difference to the educational achievement of every generation of children.

Transforming our future

An international report in December 2013 showed that the UK is falling behind other countries in maths, reading and science. SKIPS has the potential to inspire children and transform their future opportunities and now needs the active support of corporate sponsors to help it achieve a step change.

Giving every child an equal opportunity

SKIPS intends to launch initiatives across the UK with a view to provide A Free Book For Every Child in state-funded primary schools. These initiatives are the beginning of a comprehensive, ambitious and challenging project to make a positive difference to the lives of children.


The provision of A Free Book For Every Child in state-funded primary schools will be supported by corporate and private sponsors, independent school sponsors and local councils who will provide the funding for the projects and take an active part in the distribution and support the use of SKIPS books in a number of innovative ways to help children and parents make best use of the opportunities.

Doing the right thing to drive growth

SKIPS is all about working together and sharing success. Parents and children work together on the puzzles and are rewarded as they progress. The corporate and private sponsors, the independent school sponsors and local councils who work with Skips and invest in these initiatives will also share in the success of the project.

Want to know more?

Organisations interested in joining our campaign by sponsoring well-defined projects with SKIPS – please leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you promptly. SKIPS will keep you updated with news and information.

Schools – if you would like to register for more information about the projects or possible sponsorships for your school to provide A Free Book For Every Child. SKIPS will contact you, please fill out the form below.

Families – please register for more information and let us know if you would like your child’s school to be involved in the initiatives.


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Awards and Testimonials

Schools rate the quality of our books and their positive impact on parental engagement. The decisive factor for the schools to order the SKIPS books is the appreciation of their high quality, and their ability to unlock parental support. We are proud of our feedback and delighted to be able to share testimonials about the book.
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Our Team

Read about the talented people we have working for SKIPS.
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Social Charter

We are one of the very first organisations to be an accredited Charter signatory of  The Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility. The award reflects our forward thinking and ethos, putting us in a very favourable position  ahead of bidding for new work and providing new services.

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A Book for Every Child

Skips books are now being used in primary and secondary schools across the UK, enabling parents to help children by having fun through education. A survey conducted in November 2013 showed 90% of parents given a Skips book used it with their child.
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Our Story So Far

Skips inspires people to pass on the benefits to others. Ash’s daughter shared the puzzles with friends, her teacher shared the book with Waterstones and a parent shared the book with the local Council. Within a year the Times Educational Supplement made Skips their ‘Resource of the Week’, recommending the books to over 20,000 schools.

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