About Skips

About Skips

bridging the gap

SKIPS Educational (“SKIPS”)

SKIPS is an educational social enterprise based in Birmingham and London.

Our sole purpose is to raise children’s attainment in numeracy, literacy and life skills through educational work books based on the principle of effective parental engagement.

We publish Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills Books for primary school children that create meaningful support of the curriculum in the family environment, bridging the gap between school and home.

SKIPS seeks to be an agent for behavioural change. The SKIPS books, through their fun yet academically challenging content and puzzle games, empower the parents to understand what their children are learning at school and how they are learning it.

SKIPS Campaigns and Educational Programmes

The SKIPS books are primarily distributed through educational parental engagement programmes: small and large regional programmes sponsored by academies and groups of schools, state schools, independent schools (outreach within their communities), philanthropists, local authorities, small businesses (e.g. veterinary practices and dentists sponsoring their neighbourhood schools) as well as big corporate entities (providing social value for their communities and cities). The books are supported by school programmes engaging parents in the learning process and school lesson plans for our Life Skills Book.

The SKIPS Parental Engagement Method

• Our SKIPS work books literally bring learning back to the “kitchen table” – we value books and are purposefully not digital. The work books support the national curriculum.

• SKIPS books rely on the principle of effective parental engagement; they have been tested in school trials and our campaigns have won awards.

Parental Support is the key ingredient for improving educational outcomes for children and educating families and communities in Life Skills.

• SKIPS books are the bridge of communication in the relationship triangle of school, parents and children.

• The SKIPS mission is free of any bias based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or economic status.

• Parental Engagement is an inclusive term and means the involvement of anyone who is the primary caregiver or otherwise cares for the child in its “home” or “family”.

• As part of its commitment to stakeholders, communities, schools and sponsors SKIPS is dedicated to social impact measurement designed and reported in accordance with the theory of change.

• Educational science provides ample evidence that parental engagement is a crucial element to raising pupil attainment. Our methodology reflects the outcome of the most recent educational research.

SKIPS Status

SKIPS is an educational social enterprise with a clear operational focus and a well-defined social impact.

• Our business is led solely by its social objective. We realize our social objectives in a sustainable and economically sound, accountable and transparent manner.

SKIPS is an official affiliate of Place2Be, a school based mental health charity for children. Place2Be is a 50% beneficiary of SKIPS.

SKIPS is a member of Social Enterprise UK, the national body of social enterprises. SKIPS was one of the first signatories to the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility.

• Skips operates as LTL Learning Ltd., a limited liability company reg. no.9322452 with its registered offices at 100 George Street, London W1U 8NU and an additional office at 142 Newton Road, Great Barr, Birmingham B43 6BT.

Our Story So Far

Skips inspires people to pass on the benefits to others. Ash’s daughter shared the puzzles with friends, her teacher shared the book with Waterstones and a parent shared the book with the local Council. Within a year the Times Educational Supplement made Skips their ‘Resource of the Week’, recommending the books to over 20,000 schools.

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Our Team

Read about the talented people we have working for SKIPS.
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Awards and Testimonials

Schools rate the quality of our books and their positive impact on parental engagement. The decisive factor for the schools to order the SKIPS books is the appreciation of their high quality, and their ability to unlock parental support. We are proud of our feedback and delighted to be able to share testimonials about the book.
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A Book for Every Child

Skips books are now being used in primary and secondary schools across the UK, enabling parents to help children by having fun through education. A survey conducted in November 2013 showed 90% of parents given a Skips book used it with their child.
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Social Charter

We are one of the very first organisations to be an accredited Charter signatory of  The Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility. The award reflects our forward thinking and ethos, putting us in a very favourable position  ahead of bidding for new work and providing new services.

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