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About Skips

“I am not a teacher. Like you, I’m just a parent who wants the best for my children.”

Ash Sharma from Birmingham, father of three became an accidental author when trying to engage with his daughter, Nicole, over her homework. Ash regularly tried to help, but it wasn’t going well:

“She was bored, I was bored and we were getting nowhere. I needed to find another way to make it fun so I could help her get to grips with Maths and English.”

After unsuccessfully trying a series of traditional educational books, Ash started his own research into the subjects and discovered a hidden talent of being able to convert content into fun, and engaging crosswords and puzzles. Very quickly Nicole’s behaviour towards school work changed and suddenly, Maths and English fell into place. Homework time had become playtime.

As a way of capturing the memories of the fun and emotional bridge building journey they had shared together, Ash gathered up all his work and turned it into a book and decided to expand the range to support many year groups and topics.

SKIPS inspires people to pass on the benefits to others. Ash’s daughter shared the puzzles with friends, her teacher shared the book with Waterstones and a parent shared the book with the local Council. Within a year the Times Educational Supplement made SKIPS their ‘Resource of the Week’, recommending the books to over 20,000 schools.

“I’m so proud of what Nicole and I have achieved and of the magnificent memories we shared. By making education fun, it enabled us to put a spark into home study. Being able to inspire many other children and their families to spend quality time together and learn is such a wonderful feeling.”

Skips now work with many partners to deliver behaviour change programmes in communities. These include teacher training, parent workshops, producing bespoke books for sponsors, councils and the Home Office. Thanks to support from philanthropists, sponsors and Google Digital Garage, our books have helped over half a million children in such a short time, with their homework.

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